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We’re en route west to Yellowstone National Park. Our itinerary then takes us South through Colorado to Arizona. I’ll be sharing the stories, pictures, and video with you here and through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and SnapChat @aNovelEcho. In the meantime, here’s a video on my passion.

  • Wolves in Yellowstone

    I’ve dreamed of hearing wolves howl my entire life. I know I’m not alone in that. The ridge line covered with high-powered cameras and telescopes was evidence enough. My daughter and I saw it first. Out from a knoll across the valley jumped a black canine form. It leaped several bounds down the slope beforeĀ one… Read more »

  • IMG_7894

    Friends for life

    We have moved three times since having kids. During that time we haveĀ also traveled three countries and crossed 30 of the United States. It’s difficult on all of us to leave our friends behind. I tell my family that the truest of friends transcend boundaries, and moving only adds stories and friendships all over the… Read more »

  • Bison in Yellowstone

    We had a nice visit with the bison in Yellowstone National Park.