Jamie Lewis Hedges

Wanderer and writer. For 20 years I’ve mentored others in culture, ecology, and outdoor living. I lead groups in remote areas of the US and Sub-Saharan Africa. My story includes jungles and mountains, cliffs and caves, from a wilderness cabin to a mud hut in Kenya. 

Authentic Living

My childhood was family road trips and running in the woods. This led to backpacking, climbing, and canoeing as an adult. With outdoor skills and leadership, I founded two outdoor programs. 

Jamie in the Amazon

Natural Voice

Time outdoors showed me life depends upon the environment. I moved to the Cascades to learn from naturalists and scientists. Understanding ecology led to my nature writing and advocacy.

Community Engagement

In a Northwest mill town, despite our differences, we found mutual respect and understanding. As I’ve traveled since it’s the people in their natural world and their solutions that give me hope.

Welcome to my story...

sunsets and road trip life

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Brett Little GreenHome Institute

Brett Little

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