Jamie Lewis Hedges

I’m a wanderer and cultural anthropologist. For 20 years I’ve mentored others in culture, ecology, and outdoor living. I’ve led groups in remote areas of the US, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Columbian Amazon. I lived in Florida, Arizona, Arkansas, a cabin in the Oregon wilderness, and a mud hut in Kenya. Currently, I travel from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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I grew up running through the woods. Our family would load up for a roadtrip at the drop of a hat. These experiences inspired me to take up a backpack and travel over the border and into backcountry. My outdoor skills soon led to rock climbing and canoeing. With a college degree in outdoor leadership, I founded two outdoor programs and explored remote corners of America. 

Jamie in the Amazon


My time in the outdoors showed me how dependent we are on the environment for our quality of life. I wanted to learn how life worked. So I moved to a cabin in the Western Cascades to walk in old growth with naturalists and scientists. I collected survey data, swimming mountain streams and climbing in Doug fir canopies. Knowing ecology led to nature writing and advocacy. 


An Oregon mill town bar made me an anthropologist. I lived in a forest that would be gone without protection. But I saw a community depressed by its preservation. People like you and I, trying to put food on the table, on both sides of the issue. But we all found a way to buy each other a beer. That’s where my heart is: where people and life overlap, just trying to survive. 

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